Quarterly Review Workshop

Join us for a hands-on live workshop hosted by Sondra Ray, The Zone Community's Goal & Accountability Expert Coach, where we'll guide you through the process of doing a quarterly review.

You'll learn to reflect on the past quarter, set new goals for the next one, and create a plan to achieve them.

Then we will take action during two 30-minute work sprints to get to work on your first quarter review.

You will receive two workbooks and bonus resources to use during the workshop.

Friday, June 21, 12 PM EST

Guidance from a Goal & Accountability Coach

Meet Sondra Ray, The Zone's Goal & Accountability Coach, offering personalized support, valuable insights, and a roadmap to stay on track.

Did you know that having a coach increases your chance of goal success by 95%?

You Get:

  • Live Workshop Participation

  • Personal Quarterly Review Workbook PDF

  • Multiple Business Quarterly Review Workbook PDF

  • Brain Dump spreadsheet

  • Action Plan and Goal Setting Worksheet

  • Business Tracker Spreadsheet

Past Workshop Attendees Share Their Experiences:

This workshop was valuable in defining what a quarterly review consists of and making sure you're on track in your business goals.


Sondra Ray and Get It Done Coaching's Quarterly Review is the B.S. Meter I didn't know I needed! Sondra's program methodically, and politely, calls B.S. on what we say we're going to do and what we actually follow through with. Her system perfectly illustrates what is mentioned in the book Atomic Habits, "We don't rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our systems." Her Quarterly Review system helps us continue to rise!"

-Ernie Cason "Lovey"Husband Executive Founder of Married Into Crazy®, LLC 

Sondra's workshops are always full of lots of great advise, and her quarterly goal planning one was no exception. I recommend reaching out for a chat or signing Full Widthup for the next workshop that will help you learn what to focus on when setting both personal and business goals.

-Joanne M

At the quarterly review workshop I gained techniques that were immediately useable! The workshop was easy to understand and apply what I learned as soon as we were done. The working breaks were also an amazing help because I was able to get to work immediately and ask questions as I began to apply the teachings.

-Jessica Holley

Last December, I had the opportunity to take Sondra’s workshop “Time for Quarterly Review”.The timing was perfect as I wanted to have a plan in place going into 2024.The handout – Quarterly Review Workbook is not only filled with great ideas and information it also includes worksheets! I have downloaded them to use and keep me on track for each week and month.I have 3 different businesses, so I use a different set of worksheets for each business.I review these on an ongoing basis – keeping me on track.Realizing the value of doing a quarterly review, I now schedule a week of planning the week before the next quarter begins.This way I can review my accomplishments for the past quarter and create a plan for the next one. I highly recommend this workshop giving you the tools and guidance needed to grow your business.

-Permelia Parham

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Your best life gets better here.

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